We are still here for all our patients - we are not closed. All appointments are via telephone triage initially and any that need a follow-up appointment will be either by video link or in person but only if no Covid-19 symptoms are present. If you feel your condition needs a review, please contact us

The Covid-19 link on the right of this page contains some very useful information - please review this list before contacting the Practice with a Covid-19 query.

Face mask/scarf - All patients who are invited in for a face to face consultation are asked to wear a face covering. This can be a face mask or homemade scarf. This is for the protection of the staff who will wear a mask for the protection of you.


What are thyroid function tests?

The usual blood tests done for thyroid function are TSH, T4 and sometimes T3. A blood sample is taken from a vein in the arm and sent off to the laboratory for analysis. Usually the ‘free’ or active portion of T4 and T3 is measured (i.e., FT4 and FT3). Laboratories use reference ranges to compare blood test results with results in the normal healthy population. 

Invites are issued at least once a year to all patients with Thyroid problems who are currently taking thyroid replacement medication, including Levothyroxine.

 It is important to attend your annual review even when you are feeling well so we can assess your thyroid condition and how well your medication is helping you at your baseline, not just when you are unwell. Having a blood level that is too high or too low can cause other health issues which are important to pick up and prevent, but don't always cause obvious symptoms.

Your appointment will be with one of our Treatment Room Nurses or Phlebotomists and will require a blood sample. When we have the result, we will only contact you if need a change in medication dose or an earlier repeat test.

If you do not get a call back and would still like to know your result, you can still the phone the Practice after one week and ask if your results have been checked by your GP. 


For more information about thyroid conditions visit.                                               

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