We are still here for all our patients - we are not closed. All appointments are via telephone triage initially and any that need a follow-up appointment will be either by video link or in person but only if no Covid-19 symptoms are present. If you feel your condition needs a review, please contact us

The Covid-19 link on the right of this page contains some very useful information - please review this list before contacting the Practice with a Covid-19 query.

Face mask/scarf - All patients who are invited in for a face to face consultation are asked to wear a face covering. This can be a face mask or homemade scarf. This is for the protection of the staff who will wear a mask for the protection of you.

Nurse Practitioners

Provides clinics for asthmatic patients, cervical smears, weight, smoking and all aspects of health promotion.  She performs health checks on patients over 75 years old  and all new patients on request.  The nurse practitioner is also our research nurse.  Research into new medication, their efficiency and safety is done by the practice.

Nurse Naomi Lodge (f)
Nurse Emeliet Akuoko (f)


Nurse Claire Waddell (f)

RGN, RM, PCDM Diploma, PCCHD Diploma.

Nurse Sandra MacPherson (f)

Triage Nurses

Provides on the day consultations both via the telephone and by appointment.

Treatment Room Nurses

Surgeries are held in the morning and afternoon from 09:00 to12:30 and 14:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. They will help you with immunisations, travel advice, ear syringing (check with the doctor first), removal of stitches, blood pressure checks and dressings and  diabetic Clinic.  If you wish to see the nurse, please make an appointment.

Nurse Christine Burrows (f)
Nurse Traci Macleod (f)

Cardenden - Mon, Tue & Thu

Glenrothes - Wed (Diabetic Clinic)

Nurse Lindsay Dailly (f)
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